New Pumps for Machine Lubrication

March 24th 2016 by Mark A

Ml machine Lube pump

In response to customers seeking a simple way to implement a lube system in open gear drives and similar applications, we have introduced a new pump series optimized for machine lubrication. Built on the same "Whisper Vane" pump technology as the popular XD line, the ML series pumps promise to be a great choice for closed loop lubrication systems.

After a number of customers expressed interest in using VARNA's transfer pumps in lubrication applications, we decided it was time to build something specifically designed for the job. The ML-4 can make up to 4.0 gallons per minute while ML-2 makes up to 2.6 gallons per minute. Both are the same physical size and configuration making it easy for the installer to integrate the pump into their system with interchangeable flow rates.

The quiet running vane pumps are intended to be a part of a lube distribution system with delivery branches leading to multiple lube points within a machine. When used with sized flow restriction orifices in each delivery tube, the flow rate for each lube point can be easily set and held constant regardless of oil viscosity.

Both pumps also feature an integrated bypass valve that can be adjusted 30-80psi externally while the pump is running. The valve lets the user set the pump flow as needed in real time.

Other features include: direct-coupled motor for reliability, minimal weight and size, field replaceable seal, SAE straight thread O-ring ports, and a rotatable head for customized installation.

VARNA Products is a manufacturer of specialized pumps and fluid control systems. For more information, please visit or call them to speak directly to an application specialist at 530-676-7770.

Hydraulics & Pneumatics Covers Cavitation

Sep 21st 2015 by Mark A

Hydraulics & Pneumatics has a great article covering some of the common causes of cavitation in a hydraulic system. It is worth a read if pump cavitation has ever been a problem or a mystery for you.

African Mining Brief Features VARNA

March 12th 2014 by Mark A

Ml machine Lube pump

VARNA Products was featured in a recent article that covers the different roles pump play in the mining industry. African Mining Brief is a publication of Group Africa Publishing that covers the unique aspects of the mining industry in Africa including mining activity, new discoveries and recent trends within the industry.

EP-4 installed on a Freightliner M2

Jan 2nd 2014 by Mark A

Roger Crabb from Commercial Fleet Solutions sent us a few pictures of a prelube installation he did for one of his customers.

75-Blue Freightliner M2 with Prelube

His customer loves the faster starts and knowing that his engine is protected from start-up damage.

The pump is mounted on the right frame rail right behind the steering sector.

He used the Varna SCD control mounted to the firewall to handle the heavy power switching and circuit protection. A push button on the dash near the ignition key runs the pump with only a single ground wire running through the firewall.

Even though Roger found cheaper and more costly prelude systems on the market. He gave two great reasons why he and his customer chose the Varna EP-4 and the SCD control for the job:

EP-4 Prelube pump Freightliner M2
  1. Practical experience and technical expertise before the sale to make sure the system would work as planned.
  2. He wanted to ensure that if his name was going on it then the customer needed to get the best quality, value and reliability for the investment. Customers need to understand this is not a price point purchase when you are dealing with a 28k engine. It's all about service and value which will not only eliminate dry starts but also minimizes things such as injector failure, oil screen damage , injection pressure regulator failure & injector control pressure switch damage & could possibly eliminate HPOP (high pressure oil pump failures). With those pumps alone costing 1k with no labor the Varna system is a great value.

If you are looking for an installer that will do a clean install, give Roger a call at 770 856 0263.

SCD Prelube contorl Freightliner M2

Direct shaft couplings used in most Varna pumps eliminate the cost, bulk and limited life associated with traditional 'soft' couplings. While it takes careful design and precision manufacturing methods to get this to work, it produces a superior pump in all respects.

Customer Feedback "It was absolutely perfect - bolt in - set it and forget it!"

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We believe the less the end user has to think about our product the better job we did.

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