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Inside of the USA we sell direct from the factory. We feel this is the best way to serve our domestic customers with close support only a phone call away.

Outside of the USA, language and international borders make it harder for us to deliver the kind of personal support and fast delivery that some customers need. We have developed a small group of distributors to make it easy to implement a VARNA Prelube system around the world.


KNW Diesel
Unit C-1 19325 94th Ave
Surrey, BC V4N 4E6
Len Edwards
Ph#: (604) 888-3440
Fax#: (604) 888-6692

South Africa

Industrial Fluid Solutions (IFS)
Eskom Park Step-Up Building
Lanenhoven St, Ext 8
Witbank (Emalahleni)
Mpumalanga, South Africa
Gustav Fourie
Ph#: 013 693 3777/6/5
Fax#: 086 648 5215


Japan 562-0031
Aki Fukada
Ph#: 072 730-2303
Fax#: 072 730-2304


Mystic Tie
4th Floor Samcheonri Building
689-6 Jeonpo 1 Dong Jin Gu
Busan, South Korea, 614-869
Ph#: (82-51) 808-4244
Fax#: (82-51) 808-4246

South America ~ Latin America

ADEL Ltda.
Puerto Vesqucio 110
Pudahuel, Santiago Chile
Mr. Andres Ariztia B.
Ph#: 1-(562)-571-4136
Fax#: 1-(562)-571-4139

Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea

1/33 Achievement Crescent Acacia Ridge
QLD 4110 Australia
Shane Irwin
Ph#: +61 7 3255 6550
Fax#: +61 7 3255 6603

Comming soon for the Bahrain, Gulf Region

NAIBTECH Industrial Services Company S.P.C.
Kingdom of Bahrain
Muhammad Saleem Mughal

Whisper-Vane technology is unique to Varna's pumps. In addition to being quieter than comparable gear pumps, this technology is much more efficient when used in high flow, low pressure applications.

Customer Feedback "I am in love with these pumps. The best feature is that I can dead head the pump and there is no screaming PRV."
Wes Blankenship of Symbrium, Inc.

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The INs and OUTs of Large Engine Prelube

We believe the less the end user has to think about our product the better job we did.

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