Custom Solutions

Custom Design Process

Design Dialogue - In this phase VARNA design specialists will work with you to understand what you are trying to accomplish and what the product needs to do to be the ideal solution for your application.

Scope of Work - VARNA will put together a document describing in detail the design constraints and performance of the product we intend to design. It is sent to the customer for comment and approval. This pattern is repeated until both parties agree on the scope of the design.

Initial design - VARNA designs the product to meet the scope of work, Green_Cart_300pxincluding generation of full parametric models as well as engineering drawings as well as engineering calculations to support the design.

Design review - Prior to making any parts VARNA will conduct an internal design review to validate the design against the criteria of the scope of work. There may also be a review with the customer.

First article - The first set of components are manufactured using production processes. These components are assembled and tested as the work instructions are developed. The first parts built and tested using the established work instructions are considered the first articles.

First article Evaluation - One or more first articles are tested internally to validate the design the product against the scope of work. Product may also be sent to the customer for testing in the application depending on the agreement with the customer. Should the product fail to meet performance expectation, we would return to design to improve the design.

Production - Products enter regular production and availability. Pricing is set. Orders can be accepted.

Why Chose Custom?

When you can get the results you need from off-the-shelf products, it rarely makes sense to have it made to specification. However, when the stock product is too big or doesn't have enough flow, or cant handle applications temperatures, or is too loud, or you just can't find what you need, VARNA has the capability to deliver the customized solution you need in a short time period and at a price that may not be as high as you think. At the very least it is worth your time to give VARNA a call to talk with one of our applications experts to go over what options may be avalible for you.

Direct shaft couplings used in most Varna pumps eliminate the cost, bulk and limited life associated with traditional 'soft' couplings. While it takes careful design and precision manufacturing methods to get this to work, it produces a superior pump in all respects.

Customer Feedback "Job extremely well done! Love the system man and my engines thank you."
Chief Marine Engineer: Garet Urban of NOAA ship Pisces

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Only Prelube Puts Oil Where It Needs To Be At Starting

We believe the less the end user has to think about our product the better job we did.

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