PBA Automatic Prelube Control.

AC powered Marine Engine Prelube ControlThese are full featured industrial prelube controls for our CF-15 pumps, packaged in 10 x 8 inch steel NEMA12 enclosures. They includes the motor contactors, motor protection, and master disconnect / lockout switches. The controls have an oil-tight illuminated local prelube run button. They have wiring provisions for a prelube-complete signal such as from a pressure switch or timer, as well as previsions for one or more remote control stations with prelube status feedback. They include their own 24VAC power source for all control circuits. Low voltage control circuit components are protected by circuit breakers located within the prelube control cabinet.

Name Phases Voltage
PBA1220 1 220/240
PBA3240 3 208/240
PBA3480 3 440-480

Manual Prelube Operation

  1. The engine prelube pump can be operated by pushing the prelube button on the control box. Additionally, the prelube pump can be operated at any of the optional remote prelube operator stations.
  2. The prelube pump will run while the button is pushed or the black and white wires in the control cable are connected by a switch or relay.
  3. The button lamp will flash while the prelube pump is running.
  4. When the preset prelube oil pressure is detected by the engine prelube pressure switch, the button lamp will change to solid. Note: The lamp is optional in remote prelube operator stations.

Semi or fully-automatic operation

The VARNA Products Prelube Control Unit has three external control signals that can be used to operate the prelube pump and report the state of the engine prelube pressure switch.

  1. The first signal is the Pressure Switch Signal. It is an input signal to the Prelube Control Unit from the engine Prelube Pressure Switch. A contact closure between two connector blocks in the Prelube Control Unit while the prelube pump is operating will illuminate the button lamp in the control unit and any connected remote lamps.
  2. The second signal is the Operate Pump Signal. It is an input signal to the Prelube Control Unit from a remote switch or a relay contact closure that is used to run the prelube pump. A contact closure between the two connector blocks in the Prelube Control Unit will cause the prelube pump to run. The prelube pump will continue to run until the contact closure opens.
  3. The third signal is button lamp signal. It is a 24-VAC output signal from the Prelube Control Unit used to illuminate any connected button lamps. This signal is derived from the Pressure Switch signal.

QuadBox AC Engine Prelube Control PDF Installation Manual

Multi Unit Controls.

These are identical to the above control with the exception that all the controls for two or more prelube systems are packaged in a single enclosure, with a single master cut off switch. We designed these for shipboard engine rooms were space can be at a premium. They may also be appealing in a multi unit standby power room or anywhere multiple engines are in close proximity.

Compact is a design criteria that many pump manufactures ignore as too costly. Varna pumps are small because some of our customers are space constrained, but also because it yields a better pump of any use. By eliminating shaft couplings and extra space Varna pumps are more reliable, easier to install and less costly to ship.

Customer Feedback "I am in love with these pumps. The best feature is that I can dead head the pump and there is no screaming PRV."
Wes Blankenship of Symbrium, Inc.

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Making Prelube Pay

We believe the less the end user has to think about our product the better job we did.

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