Industrial Prelube Oil Pumps

VARNA Products makes a complete line of Industrial prelube oil pumps designed specifically for prelube. Effectively prelubing a large industrial engine takes a large volume of oil at a high rate. The prelube pump must push oil into the engine at a rate faster than the oil can drain through all the passages of the engine to ensure oil reaches all parts of the engine.

WipedBearing1"Cold Start" can destroy bearing surfaces and lead to progressive failure. "Cold Start" failure is caused by lack of lubrication at startup.

We have put together a Prelube FAQ for you with information on how to hook up both the plumbing as well as the electrical side. Or simply call to talk directly to one of our experts at 530 676 7770. We would love to go over your application with you.

Varna designed its industrial prelube pumps with a unique whisper vane configuration that moves oil at the maximum flow rate the engine can accept while at the same time using as little power as possible. Even in cold weather, the high power efficiency of Varna Prelube pumps with directly coupled motors make them easy on the starting batteries or power supply while getting the engine ready to start fast.

VARNA offers two specialized prelube pumps, the CF-15 and the EP-4. While they have been used in many other applications they were designed with prelube in mind.

The EP-4 pump is for DC installations requiring up to 4 GPM (15 LPM)
The CF-15 pumps are for installations requiring up to 15 GPM (56.8 LPM)
EP4 Prelube Oil pump
CF15 Prelube oil Pump
EP4 Pumps can run on 12vdc or 24vdc and are a great choice for engines in the 400 to 3000 hp range
CF15 Pumps can be run from any 56 C-face motor. They are suitable for engines from 1000 to 4500 hp
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All large engines can benefit from engine prelube. When an engine is running, the service oil pump keeps pressurized oil flowing through all the engines bearings and moving heat away from critical engine components such as the pistons. Any interruption in this critical engine system can cause damage in a matter of seconds. Adding a prelube oil pump to an industrial engine will prevent engine failure and wear by moving oil from the engines sump up into the bearing lubrication channels before the engine starts to turn at startup and ensuring that the engines bearing never see movement without critical oil protection.

Click the icon to download a Spreadsheet to help you calculate the prelube savings for your application. Or Scan the QR code with your android phone to use our calculator application.


Engines with turbo will also benefit from a soakback feature. All of our prelube pumps can also be used as soakback pumps by running them after shutdown. Care must be taken to plumb the prelube pump in such a way that after the engine is shut down, oil from the prelube pump will reach the turbo.

There is no need to accept a pump designed for pumping fuel or as a hydraulic pump. At VARNA Products, prelube is what we do. We are the experts. Give us a call. We can guide you through the process of selecting and configuring the prefect industrial prelube system for your engine and application.

Direct shaft couplings used in most Varna pumps eliminate the cost, bulk and limited life associated with traditional 'soft' couplings. While it takes careful design and precision manufacturing methods to get this to work, it produces a superior pump in all respects.

Customer Feedback "I am in love with these pumps. The best feature is that I can dead head the pump and there is no screaming PRV."
Wes Blankenship of Symbrium, Inc.

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We believe the less the end user has to think about our product the better job we did.

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