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XD Whisper Vane Pumps

We originally designed XD-4 to circulate thin mineral oil at very high temperature in a cooling circuit for a military armored vehicle application. The challenge of meeting these tough requirements forced us to solve a number of engineering problems, yielding a very hardy and robust pump that makes a great industrial circulating pump. The XD stands for extreme duty. If you have a challenging circulation application, give us a call and put the XD line of industrial circulating pumps to work.

  • Hardened Steel Running surfaces
  • Ideal for Low Lubricity Fluids
  • High Efficient for High Flow applications
  • Long Zero Maintenance Life
  • Quick Self Prime
  • 1 Meter Suction Lift
  • Ideal for low lubricity fluids
  • Directly Coupled pump and motor
  • No Failure Prone soft flex coupling
  • Small, Lightweight Package

VARNA offers two XD pumps designed for Transfer or Circulating applications, the XD-4 and the XD-9.

XD-4 Oil Pump

XD-9 Oil Pump

The XD-4 pump is for DC installations requiring up to 4 GPM (15 LPM)
The XD-9 pumps is for AC installations requiring up to 9 GPM (34 LPM)
XD-4 Transfer pump
XD-9 circulating Pump
XD-4 Pumps can run on both 12vdc and 24vdc systems.
XD-9 Pumps can run on both 230vac and 460vac systems.

VARNA Products' XD line of industrial circulating pumps are a unique design called a whisper vane pump. They are positive displacement pumps rather than a centrifugal, making them great primers and ensuring that fluid can never vapor locks and stops moving through the circuit. The Whisper Vane design is also much more efficient than gear pumps for high flow applications like coolant circulation and yet it is very quiet. The XD pumps will lift at least one meter and prime quickly even after being completely drained dry. All running surfaces are nitride hardened steel for long service free life even with very low lubricity fluids. The pump and motor are directly coupled in a tight integrated package. This not only keeps the unit small making packaging it easier, but it also eliminates the down time and maintenance headache of a traditional soft flex coupling. These things are built for a long hard life with zero maintenance.

Efficiency is the art of getting the most useful work done with the least energy input. Many commodity pumps are designed to do everything poorly. Varna pumps are not right for every application but they can often get 'the job done' with half the motor of a lesser pump, saving the owner money up front and every day the pumps runs. Now that's efficiency!

Customer Feedback "It was absolutely perfect - bolt in - set it and forget it!"

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We believe the less the end user has to think about our product the better job we did.

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