TG-300 Metering Pump

The TG-300 pump delivers 0 to 400mL/min (6.3gph) of controlled flow. It is a self-priming and quiet-running gear pump for use in a wide variety of metering or process applications with non-corrosive fluids such as oils and coolants. TG-300_On-Hand_NoBG_250 (6K) It can produce over 100 psi (6.9 bar) pressure. The original application was portable so the TG-300 is both lightweight and very compact.

Nominal operating voltage is 24VDC with a working range of 14 to 28 VDC. Nominal flow rate is 300 mL/min (4.7 gph) but it can be varied within the range of 0 to 400 mL/min (6.3gph). The pump can make over 100psi (6.9 bar) and should not be run over this level for any period of time. The TG-300 will lift and self-prime at least 2ft (.6m) when left wet. The stock pump ports are BSPT -19 (BS21 Rc) but other port styles are also possible. The rated ambient maximum temperature is 104f (40c) with pumped fluid as hot as 392f (200c). The pump will handle viscosity up to about 1,200 cSt.

The TG-300 can also be set up to respond to other process metrics. For example:

  • A filling application where flow needs to start off slow to minimize air entrainment and then ramp up to full flow before tapering back off to stop as the container approaches full.
  • A mixing line where the flow could be adjusted as the line speed increases and decreases.
  • A lab experiment where the flow needs to vary as a function of temperature.
  • A sampling pump where the TG-300 needs to run at a speed that correlated to the flow in a pipeline.
TG-300_WipedBGShadows_150 (55K)

Because the electronics on the back of the pump are so versatile, these and endless other running modes are possible. Varna is always available to assist in getting our products set up. Give us a call for engineering assistance and support. 888-676-7774

For a PDF Data Sheet on this pump Click Here.

Compact is a design criteria that many pump manufactures ignore as too costly. Varna pumps are small because some of our customers are space constrained, but also because it yields a better pump of any use. By eliminating shaft couplings and extra space Varna pumps are more reliable, easier to install and less costly to ship.

Customer Feedback "It has now been about a year since we switched to Varna pumps, and now I receive nothing but compliments about how quiet our vehicles are,
Chief Mechanical Engineer Alan Arkus of AMP Electric Vehicles

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We believe the less the end user has to think about our product the better job we did.

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