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Custom Fluid Management Solutions

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History & Background

VARNA Products has been solving challenges in fluid handling for over 25 years. We specialize in designing, manufacturing and supporting systems for engine fluid management. Our depth of experience with integrating Pumps and electronic controls makes us the ideal partner for your tough fluid management problems. We are well equipped to develop hose assemblies, metering devices, pressure and check valves, to provide complete, custom product solutions or installation kits as required by the customer specification.

Our customers love our solutions for their simple-rugged-reliability, compact size, easy installation, and competitive cost. To assure quality and consistency, we maintain tight controls over all aspects of the manufacturing process, from engineering and design to assembly training, packaging, and shipping. We deal only with a select group of pre-qualified vendors for the parts we do not make in-house, and all assembly and final inspection is done right here. We utilize Six Sigma methodologies of management, design, manufacturing, and packaging to maintain and refine our processes continually.

Whisper-Vane technology is unique to Varna's pumps. In addition to being quieter than comparable gear pumps, this technology is much more efficient when used in high flow, low pressure applications.

Customer Feedback "I am in love with these pumps. The best feature is that I can dead head the pump and there is no screaming PRV."
Wes Blankenship of Symbrium, Inc.

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Only Prelube Puts Oil Where It Needs To Be At Starting

We believe the less the end user has to think about our product the better job we did.

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