CF Series Oil Pumps

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This pump mounts to any 56C-Face, AC, DC or even Compressed air motor. It incorporates our self-contained, pressure-regulated bypass system as well as a reverse flow check valve. It will deliver 0-15 gpm (57 L/min) flow at a constant pressure of 60psi (other factory settings available). The pump is supplied with a customer specified motor. Call for a price today.

Large Diesel Engine Prelube Pump

Ideal for Prelubing stand-by power installations and other large Natural Gas or Diesel gen-sets of any size. They are also used extensively in marine primary power applications. These prelube pumps will run quietly and require zero maintenance.

It is also a great oil or fuel transfer pump. In addition, they make great process pumps where constant pressure or constant flow is important. With our self-contained constant pressure regulator and internal bypass, CF pumps can supply several processes running in parallel. Variations for any reason in one process will not affect the performance of any other process running simultaneously. It performs well with high viscosity oils. As a positive displacement pump, it will self-prime but is more efficient and quieter than a gear pump.

Features and Specifications

  • Built in pressure bypass valve to protect the motor under adverse conditions
  • 15 gpm (57 L/min) flow rates against pressures set by bypass valve
  • Integrated reverse flow prevention check valve so that the engine oil pressure can not motor the pump backwards
  • Whisper-Vane positive displacement vane technology
  • Low maintenance direct shaft coupling
  • Easy reorientation of intake and exhaust ports
  • Suction ports size: 1.25" (32mm)
  • Discharge ports size: 1.00" (25mm)
  • Designed for large diesel engine applications

Wetted Materials

  • Anodized Aluminum 6061-T6
  • Phosphatized Steel 12L14
  • Black-Oxided Steel
  • Rubber Viton V884

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Compact is a design criteria that many pump manufactures ignore as too costly. Varna pumps are small because some of our customers are space constrained, but also because it yields a better pump of any use. By eliminating shaft couplings and extra space Varna pumps are more reliable, easier to install and less costly to ship.

Customer Feedback "I am in love with these pumps. The best feature is that I can dead head the pump and there is no screaming PRV."
Wes Blankenship of Symbrium, Inc.

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We believe the less the end user has to think about our product the better job we did.

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