PBD Automatic Prelube Control.

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The PBD and RBD series controls can be used to control DC powered pumps both at the control box itself or from a remote station. The control can monitor a pressure switch on the engine for oil pressure. Once set pressure is achieved, indicator lights tell the operator the engine is prelubed. They include all necessary motor protection and safety timeouts to prevent overloading the prelube pump under unusual conditions. These controls are enclosed in a NEMA 6P-12 rust proof fiberglass box for use in industrial or marine environments.

Name Voltage Amp. Raiting Remote Capable
PBD1215 12 15 No
PBD2415 24 15 No
PBD2450 24 50 No
RBD1215 12 15 Yes
RBD2415 24 15 Yes
RBD2450 24 50 Yes

Compact is a design criteria that many pump manufactures ignore as too costly. Varna pumps are small because some of our customers are space constrained, but also because it yields a better pump of any use. By eliminating shaft couplings and extra space Varna pumps are more reliable, easier to install and less costly to ship.

Customer Feedback "It has now been about a year since we switched to Varna pumps, and now I receive nothing but compliments about how quiet our vehicles are,
Chief Mechanical Engineer Alan Arkus of AMP Electric Vehicles

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The INs and OUTs of Large Engine Prelube

We believe the less the end user has to think about our product the better job we did.

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