ML Series Machine lube Pumps

The ML series pumps are designed for circulating lubrication oil in a closed-loop machine lube system. The ML-2 and the ML-4 are built on the rugged technology of the XD line of pumps. Designed to provide a steady flow of lubrication to critical machine parts through a series of lube-point-nozzles.

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ML Models

ML-2 lube pump, left side

Part# Freq. Max. Flow Rate
2.6 GPM / 9.8 LPM
2.2 GPM / 8.3 LPM
4.0 GPM / 15.1 LPM
3.4 GPM / 12.9 LPM

Benefits of Whisper-Vane Technology

Varnas quiet running Whisper-Vane Technology used in the ML pump is better suited for high viscosity lubricants typical in power transmissions. The rotation of the pump creates cavities that open and close smoothly without the shearing effect found in gear pumps, thus reducing noise, aeration, and cavitation, as well as delivering clean pulseless flow.

Integrated Adjustable Bypass Valve

The built in adjustable bypass valve can be set to limit pump output pressure to 30-80psi. This makes is simple to set up the pump to provide the pressure required to a series of lube-point metering orifice fittings within a lubricant distribution systems. By sizing each flow restrictive orifice and then setting the bypass pressure at the pump, lubricant delivery can be optimized for each point within the powertrain.

Other Key Features:

  • Direct coupled, IEC 3 phase AC TEFC motor
  • Self-priming, positive displacement
  • Field replaceable shaft seal
  • Compact size and minimal weight
  • SAE straight thread O-ring ports, -12 size
  • Head orientation is field rotatable to 4 positions.

Wetted Materials

  • Anodized Aluminum 6061-T6
  • Phosphated Steel
  • Rubber Viton V884

Industrial Applications:

  • Gas and Wind Turbines
  • Kidney-Loop Filtration
  • Reduction or Increaser Gearboxes
  • Energy Generation
  • Conveyor and Augers
  • Cement
  • Recycling and Waste Processing
  • Mining /Rock Crushers
  • Textile
  • Paper
  • Hoisting and Lifting
  • Chemical

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Efficiency is the art of getting the most useful work done with the least energy input. Many commodity pumps are designed to do everything poorly. Varna pumps are not right for every application but they can often get 'the job done' with half the motor of a lesser pump, saving the owner money up front and every day the pumps runs. Now that's efficiency!

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